I’ve Changed My Blog Name

21 Mar

Dear Valued Readers,

This might be a bit of an inconvenience but I’ve changed my blog address. Please don’t be annoyed but I felt this name just made so much more sense for what I’m attempting to accomplish here.

I’ve now named it The Romantic Quill – URL: http://theromanticquill.wordpress.com/

Let’s face it – while Phenomenal Demonstrative alluded to two poems that mark two major aspects of my life, it does not hold any connotation to what I hope to attain through my blog site, which is to become published as a romance novelist with a progressive affiliation to the Women’s Literature industry.

While it may be a hassle to anyone who visits this site first to reach me and my work, the silver lining is that this site is only about a month old today so not many of you actually have become too acquainted with me. I really did not want to inconvenience too many of you. Even better is the fact that The Romantic Quill is so much more self-explanatory and less profound. Fewer syllables and softer diction!

Please visit my blog The Romantic Quill and tell me what you think of this. I promise you, I welcome the “vehemence of [your] disapprobation” as much as the “raptures of [your] joy”…

Love Always,



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